Animation Showreel

Showreel Breakdown in order of appearance:

Mog's Christmas:

Responsible for Character Artworking (Colouring and Rendering)

Software: TVPaint

© Tabby Tales Limited MMXXIII

Chef Pierre Bear Campaign

Responsible for Cleanup.

Direction, Animation, Character Design and Artworking

by Irene Corral de Gaspar

© Sketch 2024

Roach walk cycle exercise:

Responsible for: Animation, cleanup, colour and compositing.

Character design: Uli Meyer Studios

Software: Toonboom and After Effects

© Uli Meyer Studios

Dog Run Cycle

Software: Toonboom

Roach Dialogue Exercise:

Responsible for: Animation

Character Design: Uli Meyer Studios

Sound: 11 Second Club (Plains Trains and Automobiles)

© Uli Meyer Studios

AR Comic Book Test

In 2016, I played about with the idea of producing an Augmented Reality animated comic book and pitched to Sky Academy with the idea of exploring a format for 2D animation outside of film. Didn’t make it through the first round but it was a fun experiment worth revisiting in the future.

Bite Breakdown

The Original Animation.

Proof of concept

A quick and dirty mock up of the shot to see how it would look as a comic.